Our Founder

Head Coach - James Cox

James Cox has been Training Martial Arts for 12 Years and been Teaching Successful Martial Arts Schools for 9 Years.
Starting at 14 James began because of a major lack of Self-Confidence.

“My Mum and Dad had split up the previous year that effected me massively, i was just lost and felt the whole world on my shoulders. My Mum was the one that saw Martial Arts as something that would be great for me after seeing a demonstration at the local park. I went along to the Introduction session quite skeptical as a typical Teenager would. After i was welcomed and made to feel apart of the family i was hooked for life.”

The Guidance and support he received  from his lessons over 10 years ago are the foundation of our classes.

“I didn’t realise it at the time but i needed someone to believe in me. I was struggling with having that inner conviction to be myself and enjoy my life and that is what Martial Arts gave me. Im now on a mission to believe in others so they can believe in themselves like i was given all those years ago.”

Our Program has been specially tailored to teach the highest level of Training to Families and Individuals of all ages, backgrounds and capabilities. 

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