Little Ninja Classes


Our Life Changing Classes have a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement, there is never a wrong way todo something in Martial Arts and thats why your child never wrong only guided to the best way of executing the move or way to behave.

At this young age a class like this can be very scary and that is why we have a strong favour towards in encouragement rather than enforcement. Children of this age should want to join in and have fun, of course there are exceptions where a child needs a little push but most of the time your child will be drawn to our classes by the fun of lesson not made to do it because “The Instructor says so!”

For your child’s development we focus on building Life Skills not just in the class but at home as well…

What you see above you is our “Weekly Success Sheet” this is a sticker chart that all children complete from Home.
Every child must bring this every week for the Instructor to see how they are progressing and help them if they are struggling to complete the tasks and celebrate their fantastic commitment.
Students can only grade to their next level when this sheet is completed. 

Over 100 Mums & Dads trust us to have the best experience with their children’s training and development to be a better individual.

Classes last 30 minutes.

All classes are tailored towards a beginner level so your child will not have to stand next to a Black belt and feel out of place. 

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