Q: Do you work with Children who have Special Needs?

A: Yes!
We are very proud of the fact that we do not pick and choose who trains with us. Everyone is welcome no matter the ability level or circumstance, No Exceptions! 

Q: What is your Martial Arts based on?

A: Kickboxing!
Our Founder Coach James has learnt many different Martial Arts styles over his 12 years of training and has found that Kickboxing is the most accessible style for all abilities and has the most functional self-defence.

Q: Me and my Child have never done Martial Arts before, is this right for us?

A: Absolutely!
We specialise in Beginners joining with our unique 1 to 1 Trial Sessions. Walking into a class for the first time can be daunting so we decided that everyone who joins has a 1 to 1 trial session with their instructor first to go over the basics and not feel completely clueless when you enter the class for the first time.

Q: How do i pay for sessions?

A: All students pay by direct debit.
Classes are for Training not to worry about bringing money to a session. With a Direct Debit its easy and hassle free way of paying for the program. 

Q: What Happens if me or my Child can no longer attend after joining?

A: No Problem.
We don’t tie any one in to a long term contract when joining. All that happens is give us 30 days notice period to cancel your membership.

Q: What if i cant make one week, what happens?

A: We find the best alternative for you! 
Whether it be a different night in the week or joining in on one of our online home training videos there will be no missing out.

Q: How many Students do you have in a Class? 

A: 10-20
Our classes are about having a personal connection with our students. So when we get large numbers of students training regularly we make sure to get the extra help to keep the teaching and instructing to the highest level! 

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