Should I Push my Child todo an Activity?

This is the biggest and if but and maybe for parents of confident children strong willed children and shy children. 
You as the parent have found a club or activity that your child will love and help because of x,y & z, but when it comes to them coming they fold up and lose all interest in going.

On the one hand you can leave that as it is and respect their wishes but not receive the benefits that your child so desperately needs or push them to go and can risk them really not enjoying it and being turned off even more from doing a club in the future! 

So what todo? Here are our 5 Tips to help you getting your child to a class they need.

1 – Lead by example

Children follow their parents. This is especially true of younger children and its always the reason for “Do as i say not as i do.” Never works. Ask yourself is your child or family seeing trying new things regularly? Whether it be a physical class or a short course online embody what you want your family to aspire to.​

2 – Relieve the pressure

Trying something new is always scary. It does not matter how confident you are there is always the element of the unknown that makes us all apprehensive. This will be the number one reason why your child is unwilling to go to clubs. Not all is lost though as you as always are the person they look to for reassurance in moments like this. Let your son or daughter know that there is nothing to worry about and that they don’t even need to join in and can sit with you and watch. The thought of doing something is always more scary than actually the physical act itself thats why in most cases your child will sit next to you and get the itch, that uncontrollable urge to join in when they see how exciting and fun the class is. 

3 – Find great examples

In this age of Social Media and Video sharing sites it has never been easier to find the examples you want. Remember your child has probably never seen the class you are about to take them to and uncertainty is always the biggest barrier joining in. So do some research, head online and find some great videos and testimonials about the type of class you are taking them to. When the visual aspect of a class becomes real to them then thats the moment it becomes much more enticing for them. 

4 – Communicate your Enthusiasm

Confidence is key, we can all sense uncertainty in someone who is talking to us about an idea or plan and if that person is uncertain then we are not going to be to keen ourselves. Do not communicate from a place of expecting your child to say no, if you do this they defiantly will say no or be unsure. Instead tell them about how amazing this class will be and you can not wait to see them do an amazing job and make you proud. Let you communication light them up with enthusiasm and wonder about this amazing activity coming up!

5 – Remember you know whats best as their parent

In the eyes of the law a child is not responsible for having their seatbelt on and if they don’t the parent is liable. Now this is sounds obvious but to many parents forget that they are the parent and their child is the child. As a child we have not had enough life experiences to really know what is good for us in the way of an activity that will benefit us and thats why at this time we are in the care of our parents to make the best decisions for us when we are in need of help. A child with low confidence needs a club to grow that confidence, a child that is unruly and disrespectful needs a club to help them on the straight and narrow. If you get push back from your child about going to a class recognise that this normal and remember that you know that doing this is the best thing for them. 

Stay strong and positive when this happens and use the tips above to have a smooth transition into a club your child will love!

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