5 Tips to a great Martial Arts Experience

Martial Arts Training can be intimidating.
I remember my first session was totally unnerving as the Head Instructor at the time was shouting at me about how i need to get A* at school before i even thought about throwing my first Kick or Punch!
Luckily most of this behaviour is long gone from our profession but the expectations for starting a Class can be perceived as quite high!
So Where do you begin as a total beginner?

1. Is the Greeting at the door: Friendly, Warm & Inviting

Where ever we go we want to be made to feel good and a Martial Arts Class is no Different. Look out to see if the Person meeting you at the door is genuinely excited and pleased that yopu have turned up. If they are so so about . you turning up then then that is the ultimate sign that this is not the right place for you. 

2. There are none to little hurdles to get started

If you are asked todo 2 million things before you or your child steps on to the mat then this is not a great sign. Some forms Martial Arts ask you to memorise a different language or wear sparring safety equipment before stepping on to the mat. Now this can work for some but the majority this is a big turn off. Look for a school where it is easy for anyone to hop on to the mat and train with little to no fuss. 

3. Are you Introduced to the class

There is nothing worse than being left in the wind and have to make new friends on your own. To many clubs and groups assume that someone new will fit in with the rest of the group with no problems. This is not true most of us are very uncomfortable with meeting new people without help. Does the Instructor take the time to introduce you or your family to the rest of the group.

4. Are you being looked after through the session

If you have never turned up for a class before then you typically have no idea what is going on. There will be kicks going everywhere, lots of shouting and crazy throws with slams sometimes 6 feet away from you. With all this going on you will be asking yourself “Am i/my child doing a good job?” This is the job of the Instructor to come up to both you and your child if you are training with a little one to say “Well Done, you are doing great, you will be an amazing student here!”

5. Do they ask you to join the program

The truth is most of us don’t go to a Martial Arts Trial to “Have a laugh!” A lot of the time we go to a class to receive a benefit, whether that be Confidence building, more Focus, improved Self-Defence, the list goes on. Unless you start your journey by joining the program there will be no chance that the benefits you are looking for will build. When it comes to the end of the session does the Instructor fully show and explain how to get started with confidence that their program will solve the problems you are looking to solve.

The truth is a great class can be found you just have to look closely to know is the Instructor and school going to fully support me and my family to make me feel apart of the Class, no to zero fuss on being allowed to join in, get feedback on how we are doing and confidently going to ask us to join to help improve our lives.

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